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Our purpose

We exist to make great financial decision-making a breeze for everyone.

Who we are

Well-known for our commercial curiosity, we’ve carved a fabulously furry meerkat shaped niche in our industry and are passionate about making great financial decision-making a breeze for everyone.

Working with pace, energy and clear strategic direction, we believe in delivering amazing things for our customers.

And, by looking out for better ways to do things and staying alert to fresh opportunities, we want to make the decision to build a career with us just as simple.

Gareth, Rory & Megan
Kristin & Ashleigh
Mark & Dimple


Amazingly talented people driving our business forward.


Of our business is Tech. We’re ambitious and we’ve got big plans.


People leaders across our brilliant teams.


Reduction in our mean gender pay gap since 2021.

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How we roll

We pride ourselves on putting our customers first. But to do this, we need amazing talent who’ve chosen to build their career with us.

We’re fast-paced with a clear strategy and a strong commercial outlook. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved and contribute, and we value the part that everybody plays. We train you, develop you and give you opportunities to learn and grow, you just need to take accountability for driving your own journey. Simples.

So bring your authentic self to work and be prepared to think differently and act boldly, we’re on a mission and our focus is future innovation.

Our Stories

We don’t need to do all the talking; our colleagues will tell you how it is.

And it’s not just about their work, we’re just as good at the fun stuff too.

Be alert to possibilities

Whatever your specialist area, wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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