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Where strategy meets meerkats

Our amazing marketing teams are the brains behind our famous meerkats, and wombat!

We look at our marketing activity in two separate, but closely linked, ways. First up, we have our brand, content and SEO teams who are passionate about making sure we’re always unmissable, and loveable, as a brand across TV, social, rewards and anywhere else you can think of for that matter.

And then working closely with them, we have our CXM and PPC teams. Everyone here is fearlessly focused on finding innovative, relevant and timely ways to reach our customers with targeted communications that are wrapped in a brand people love.

And we know they do a fantastic job because people know we’re the ones with the meerkats, right!

Sophie – Marketing

From the minute I walked in the door, I was being offered leadership and development courses. As a brand new joiner, being able to jump into a year-long leadership course that allows me to connect with my peers, share wins and challenges and really learn more about the company culture has been really incredible.


Head of Content & Social | Marketing

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Meerkat marketing

Not only are we beyond proud to have created one of the UK’s most loved brands, we’re also at the cutting edge of digital, social and customer marketing. Our experts work with pace, energy and clear strategic direction to make sure we do a great job of balancing commerciality and creativity.

Our approach to marketing means we think anything is possible. We want our people to think differently, be curious, share ideas and most importantly, feel happy doing so. Our brand, content and social teams are creating industry-leading, engaging social content and we continuously work across all our marketing teams to look at ways of bringing our characters to new audiences.

So, whether it’s brand, CXM, SEO, marketing performance, social, content, or anything in between, that floats your boat, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Stories

We don’t need to do all the talking, our marketing teams love to chat.

Because let’s be honest, if you’re a marketeer, you can’t beat marketing the meerkats.


Of our Marketing team are female.


Of Marketing colleagues did career development moves in the last 12 months.


Amazing colleagues working in our Marketing teams.


Of our Marketing team are leading people.

Be alert to possibilities

Whatever your specialist area, wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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