From Grad to Product Executive

Why did you choose Compare the Market for your graduate placement?

I chose Compare the Market because I wanted to work for a forward-thinking tech company. As an outsider, it was evident that building great digital products and having a great digital presence was key to Compare the Market. Additionally, when reading about the company, it certainly came across that it looked after its employees and that the graduates were well thought of.

Since joining, what support have you received to help with your career development?

The support I’ve received on the graduate scheme has been great. From day one, I was allocated a buddy – someone also on the scheme but in the year above – to speak to about advice and guidance. In addition, we get a mentor – someone more senior within your area – who can help guide you on your career and provide any additional support you require.

The line managers on your rotations also provide a lot of support to ensure you get the most out of each placement, focusing specifically on the things that will benefit your career aspirations. I personally stayed in touch with my line managers after I had moved on from each rotation and they have continued to provide me with support and guidance.

What are the key things that you’ve been involved with?

When I was on the graduate scheme, my rotations were in the UX (User Experience), Optimisation, Product and Marketing teams, and each meant that I got involved with a wide range of different work.

For me, the key highlights that I’ve been involved with were the launch of a new product provider at Compare the Market, the launch of journey changes and optimisations to help improve our customers’ experience as well as getting involved in research and ideation sessions to solve customer pain points and innovate on our website. My time in Marketing SEO gave me the opportunity to get involved with optimising our website rankings and page speed.

What was your highlight as a graduate at Compare the Market?

My highlight was being involved in the launch of a new business broadband provider at Compare the Market. This significantly helped to improve the customer experience by creating a more seamless and easier customer journey whilst enabling us to gain an understanding of their needs.

In addition, while I was this on this rotation, I led on a number of optimisations with the aim of improving the landing page experience for the business customer – this involved collaboration with a number of teams, which I really enjoyed.

How do you see your career developing at Compare the Market?

Since completing the graduate scheme, my chosen career path has been Product Management. I was delighted to take a permanent role within this team, and I look forward to continuing to learn and build on my career in this. I’d specifically like to learn and develop in the areas that I haven’t had exposure to yet, as well as progress in seniority.


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