My journey into a tech role

Albert Yanit, Senior Software Engineer

What made me change my career into Tech?

I was at a stage in life where I’d tried various things and had yet to knuckle down on some form of office job, so thinking about that was the first criteria. I also wanted something that would pay very well whilst offering the opportunity to travel – or at least work in another country. Tech seemed to tick all those boxes, and I’d read several stories of how happy people are in the software engineering field.

It became a no-brainer, so I began doing research into how to get into it. Makers Academy was my first stepping stone, then I joined Compare the Market and then the rest is history!

Why did I choose Compare the Market?

On my final day at Makers, some members of Compare the Market were there at the career day and two of these people had previously gone to Makers as well. I thought their showcase was great but what really sold it to me was meeting them in the pub afterwards and getting to know them. Once I’d seen that they had such a welcoming vibe, it just felt like a place I wanted to be.

What support have I received from Compare the Market in my career development?

I’ve had huge support with my career development and gathering all the experience from everyone felt easy. 1:1s were also very helpful but at the same time everything was very defined, and I always knew what the next steps would be. It was more about me just executing them, providing the right evidence and, most importantly, having a good time whilst doing it.

What does a typical day in Tech look like?

When I first go on my laptop, I focus on reading tech articles or any form of learning I’m currently doing. I feel like no one really disturbs you so it’s the best time of day for this.

Then we meet the team at our stand-up, where you explain what you did the day before and what you will be doing today, as well as mentioning anything blocking you and any issues you’re having. I also check and respond to any messages or emails.

And pretty much after that, it’s all about working on what needs to be done that day.

As a senior, I always check if anyone needs any assistance or pairing, which takes some focus but otherwise, we just work on items that have been defined in our sprint. I generally go for lunch at 12pm, for an hour, before cracking on with work again. At a top level, that’s pretty much my day – but what does get challenging is that sometimes you have to keep an eye on multiple things!

What do I see as my next steps?

My next step is mainly absorbing the experience as a Senior Software Engineer as this is what’s going to really take me forward to the next step – I need to continue expanding my knowledge. There have also been quite a few changes in terms of the structure at Compare the Market so learning and finding my place in that is quite important, as well as learning how to lead people a bit more and using my position to assist and guide a team. People have also mentioned I’d be a great Engineering Manager so finding out more about that would be an interesting avenue too.


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