The camaraderie of the people that work here is infectious

Gemma Edwards, Technical Product Manager

I’ve been working at Compare the Market for almost six years now and it’s been an exciting time to work in tech. When I joined, the business was growing very quickly, and it’s been great to see the evolution of the brand and our products as well as all the new ideas to help our customers during this time.

Over the years, I have pushed myself to achieve my career goals and Compare the Market has provided an environment where changing career direction isn’t a hurdle but, instead, something that’s supported and encouraged.

As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to do a few different roles here, starting as a Senior Business Analyst, then Delivery Manager (responsible for two teams) and now as a Technical Product Manager. And each role has been as challenging and as different as the other.

In my current role as Technical Product Manager, my workday can be very varied but normally involves me joining the standard agile ceremonies, such as morning stand-up, answering any queries from the team and helping to unblock any work as and when required. I’ll also spend some time looking at metrics and any impact recent releases might have had, discuss upcoming features with stakeholders, plan workshops, complete competitor analysis and input into business cases.

Working with a development team is very rewarding. Having a team dedicated to improving a product, interested in making things better and actively finding solutions to problems you haven’t considered yet is inspiring.

I love working so closely with a team that’s trying to resolve problems together and do the best that we can for our customers. We also have a good giggle at the same time!

In summary, my time at Compare the Market has been great. The camaraderie of the people that work here is infectious. Everyone is here to do a great job, help each other out and deliver exceptional products for our customers. I’ve had a great time both at work and play with Compare the Market, from our summer socials and Christmas parties through to all the other social events throughout the year. One year we even had an ice rink in the car park for the day! Our Events team do an amazing job of finding new ways to have fun and celebrate the exciting things we do!


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